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How Your Batteries Are Recycled

Battery Recycling Process Overview

This process illustrates the preliminary processing steps for battery recycling through TCRW via EasyPak™ or our Bulk Pickups undergo. The process consists of:

  1. Battery recycling receipt and inspection

  2. Sorting of conforming batteries
    (non-conforming batteries are returned to generator)

  3. Material sizing

  4. Metal recovery

  5. Separation of final product
    (Ni, Fe, Cr, Mn, & Zn-O)

Sizing and Alloying Details

Material Sizing

Material sizing is applied to the battery feedstock in order to equalize the heat transfer rate of the material. In order to heat the material evenly, all feedstocks placed into the furnace must be of equal size, or relative with respect to each other. For example, AAA and AA sizes heat evenly and so do C and D size units.

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