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Bulk Recycling

For contractors and larger facilities (over 150,000 square feet), bulk pickups can provide a cost effective solution for recycling large amounts of intact or crushed lamps, ballasts, batteries, or electronic waste.

How Does It Work?Services 

  1. Request a quote, or schedule a pickup online or by phone (800-909-9709).  Pricing depends on your facility location and quantity of waste picked up.
  2. Our recycling team will coordinate a pickup date that works best for you.
  3. Your packaged waste is picked up and delivered to one of our certified recycling partners located across the country.
  4. Once the waste has been recycled, you will receive a Certificate of Recycling, confirming the proper handling of your waste.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

What Do You Need Recycled?

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Why Bulk Pickups?

Simply put, bulk pickups can be the most cost-effective overall recycling solution that TCRW offers. If you have large amounts of waste, then you will save significant time and money utilizing bulk pickups as opposed to other recycling measures.

How Does the Program Work?

Large amounts of waste are scheduled and then picked up and transported to regionally located recycling centers. Contact us whenever you are ready to schedule a pickup.

What Types of Waste Can Be Picked Up?

Bulk pickups can handle unlimited quantities of fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste.

Who is This Program For?

If you have a facility over 150,000 square feet or your facility can generate at least one full pallet of waste, then the bulk pickup service is likely to be perfect for you. If you don’t have a facility this size or don’t generate large amounts of waste, then check out TCRW's EasyPak Prepaid Recycling Containers.

How Can I Track My Recycling Progress?

Online recycling reports allow anyone who has utilized bulk pickup recycling services to receive detailed information about their facility’s recycling progress. Each report details specifically what types of waste were recycled, the amount recycled, and the date processed. These reports are available online 24/7 and are perfect for facility management reviews, “green” marketing initiatives, and more.

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