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Recycling Services

Don’t let your waste go to waste! TerraCycle offers easy-to-use and cost-effective nationwide recycling solutions for Universal Waste such as: fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, electronics, PPE, aerosol waste, and more. With recycling services and transportation available throughout the continental United States, we are able to help your facility become more sustainable.


One critical green practice for large companies to implement is Universal Waste recycling. We understand the importance of finding a program that meets your facility’s needs. A corporate Universal Waste recycling program can minimize recycling costs, help ensure company-wide compliance and participation, and provide the tools needed to measure recycling progress against goals.

Recycling with a corporate program can also produce benefits like green marketing opportunities, reduced liability for improper disposal, and provide time-saving relief by working with one company versus several vendors. The challenge of managing a corporate Universal Waste recycling program is simplified by TerraCycle Regulated Waste.




As electronic technology evolves, equipment is retired at an alarming rate. It has been estimated that over three-quarters of all computer equipment purchased in the US is now being stored in office closets, basements, garages, and storage units throughout the country and that 70% of toxic waste found in landfills consists of electronic waste (e-waste).  

Electronic waste (e-waste) can be anything from obsolete computers and TVs to circuit boards. It often contains hazardous chemicals and toxins, such as mercury and lead, that can leak into the environment if left unremoved, causing numerous health and environmental problems.

Fortunately, TerraCycle Regulated Waste offers E-waste freight. These pickups can help your facility dispose of e-waste in a cost-effective manner, while at the same time keeping the environment clean, your facility free from liability and helping you cut down on storage costs.





    Batteries can contain many different components that are considered toxic. If batteries are not stored properly after use or are simply thrown away in the trash, these hazardous components can pose a serious threat to human and environmental health. Recycling batteries ensures that toxic components are removed, resulting in a safer workplace and a healthier environment.

    Whether you are looking to recycle alkaline, nicad, lead acid, lithium, zinc-carbon or other types of batteries, TerraCycle Regulated Waste offers solutions to discard and recycle batteries properly. We make sure that your facility is keeping the environment clean and safe, as well as staying within all government regulations concerning battery disposal.



      The world is manufacturing more IT hardware than ever. Whether companies like it or not, they find themselves constantly exploring ways to channel their spending toward the latest and greatest devices.

      Nowhere is this trend seen more clearly than in the data center. Global spend on data center hardware and software grew to $152 billion in 2019, according to analysis by Synergy Research Group. The need to handle more complex workloads across increasingly hybrid infrastructure is driving up expenditure.

      The goal of ITAD is to recycle or refurbish retired technology in a secure way, protecting your company's data in the process. TCRW delivers a unique blend of ITAD products and services throughout the US, enabling our customers to right-size their e-waste and data security program.


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