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The All-in-One Mixed Pallet Solution for Recycling Multiple Waste Streams!

BulkPak Pallet Recycling KitStart Here

Our all-new innovative BulkPak program combines the best elements of our traditional EasyPak mail-back program and our high-volume freight services to make recycling even easier and more affordable.  

Each BulkPak comes with our best-in-class VaporShield® boxes that are provided for each waste stream. 

This turn-key system allows for safe setup, collection, and storage!

The BulkPak includes a one-of-a-kind modular pallet allowing your site to ship multiple waste streams via freight with no additional supplies of complicated packaging requirements - no tape, banding, or wrapping required!  All shipping costs and recycling costs are included upfront.  No more hidden fees or surcharges, no more complicate packaging requirements, and no more waiting weeks for a pickup!

BulkPak Pallet Recycling Kit

With BulkPak, our customers can get their recycling programs started at the push of a button.  After ordering online, all supplies are delivered within 3-4 business days and set up within minutes.  

The Vaporshield boxes provided with your BulkPak are used to collect and store your waste safely.  When the boxes are full, the unfolding pallet kit provided can be assembled by just one person in 10 minutes or less. 

In addition to providing OSHA and ACGIH compliance, BulkPak includes all shipping and recycling costs.  TerraCycle can pick up shipments within 48-72 hours. 

If necessary, we can easily customize your BulkPak to specific waste and volume needs through our CustomPak Program.  


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