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Veolia ES – Phoenix, AZ

Company Information:

EPA ID# AZ0-000-337-360

veolia phoenix

Located in Phoenix, AZ, Veolia Environmental Services (VES) is a strategically focused recovery and waste management facility, which provides a variety of waste reduction and recycling services.

The Vapor Collection System is designed to control mercury vapor and dust emissions from the process. The system draws mercury vapor and dust from the process equipment into the bag house. The filter arrangement is designed to trap 99.99% of air-borne particles measuring 0.5 microns or larger. Dust accumulates in containers located underneath the bag house. The air stream leaving the bag house then passes through a sulfur-impregnated carbon vessel to further remove mercury vapors. Each stack is monitored using a real-time mercury vapor-monitoring instrument in accordance with facility’s specific operating permit/plan. A portable Jerome mercury vapor analyzer is used to monitor mercury vapor concentrations in the air throughout the workplace, on a daily basis.

Insurance certificates for TerraCycle Regulated Waste and our recycling partners are available on request.

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