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Built-in field checker: Garner’s degaussers have built-in field verification systems. On-board diagnostics confirms the magnetic field strength of every erase cycle, ensuring complete erasure every time.

LCD display: Provides the numerical value of gauss field strength to verify erasure, as well as cycle count, job count and diagnostics.

SCAN-1X Media Destruction Report software and scanner voucher included: Creates media destruction reports with date, time, user ID, serial number and verification of each cycle.

IRONCLAD Integrated Auditing System (option): Create the ultimate proof-oferasure and destruction reports. Combine the TS-4XT degausser with Garner’s exclusive IRONCLAD® Erasure Verification with JPG Image Capture System.

IRONCLAD creates a Certificate of Erasure & Destruction Report by compiling user, media and diagnostic data from the TS-4XT degausser and the PD-5 hard drive destroyer for auditing purposes.

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